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Natural Running Coaching is very excited to introduce a new coaching service: Teaching Tools for Schools! This new service is intended for Junior High/High School physical education teachers to teach their students about natural running form including human biomechanics, anatomy, potential injuries associated with other forms of running, and how to safely transition.

Children learn to walk and run instinctively based on our inherent human biomechanics. Our natural locomotive gaits we learn as children can change as we get older, into our teens, as well as a result of the long-time wear of shoes that change our biomechanics with extra cushioning and a raised heel. Natural Running Coaching has created a series of videos to help us reteach our bodies how to get back to a form of running based on our own unique human physiology and biomechanics that is both maximally efficient and minimally injurious.

For a one-year subscription of $250 or a two-year subscription of $400, you are given unlimited access to all the Natural Running Coaching videos for your school. Educational videos are included for both student and staff use. The service includes all the information teachers require to analyze their students’ running form and exercises to improve their skills.

Studies have shown that, in adults, up to 80% of runners get injured every year. The goal of Natural Running Coaching’s Teaching Tools for Schools is to teach kids the most efficient and least injurious form of running while they’re young so they can enjoy a healthy walking and running lifestyle throughout their lives.

For additional information, simply email us your name, school, and school address at info [at] naturalrunningcoaching.com or go to our Teaching Tools for Schools section on our Services page.

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