Monique Bileski

Natural Running Coaching is very excited to introduce the newest member of our team: Director of Sales Monique Bileski! Monique will be directing sales for NRC’s newest service, Teaching Tools for Schools.

Monique is a mother of five children with a background in business and freelance administration. She homeschooled for a few years, until her children chose to go to public school. Now she volunteers some of her time at the school helping children in the literacy program. When offered the position of Director of Sales to help Tina launch her new Teaching Tools for Schools program, Monique quickly saw the enormous improvements the program could make to any school athletics program.

Although jogging as a stand-alone sport has never been a big part of her family’s physical activities, running is an essential component in most sports whether in a game or as a warm-up activity. Monique plays women’s soccer regularly as a means of keeping active. Her family is physically active at home and in community sports. It wasn’t difficult to see the value that Natural Running can bring to minimize the injuries that come with all sports.

With her keen interest in natural health, her goal is to bring Natural Running to the mainstream by teaching school kids while they are young to avoid the chronic issues associated with conventional running practices. Monique is working with Tina to correct her running form so that she can continue to play soccer, something she’s been doing for over 25 years.

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