Natural Running Coaching is very excited to introduce a new coaching service: Running Form for Sport! This new service is intended for coaches of sports clubs or associations to teach their athletes about natural running form including human biomechanics, anatomy, potential injuries associated with other forms of running, and how to safely transition.

Running Form for Sport is designed for coaches and athletes of any running-related sport, including team sports such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, rugby and lacrosse or individual sports including track and field or cross-country running. The goals of this service are to improve athlete endurance with maximally efficient running form, decrease injury-risk, and potentially increase recovery times after practice and competition.

For a one-year subscription of $250 or a two-year subscription of $400, coaching staff is provided with unlimited access to all the Natural Running Coaching videos for their sports club or association. Educational videos are included for both coaching staff and athlete viewing (however, username and password access shall be restricted to coaching staff). The service includes all the information coaches require to analyze their athletes’ running form and exercises to improve their skills.

For additional information, simply email us at info [at] or go to our Running Form for Sport section on our Services page.

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