Are you passionate about running and want to share that passion with others? Do you want to help others discover running with an efficient and safe form right off the starting line? Do you wish you could help injured runners rekindle their running passion with a coaching method that maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk of injury? Then you could be the next owner of Natural Running Coaching.

After six exciting and learning-rich years owning and operating Natural Running Coaching, I am ready to “pass the baton” and start on new adventures of my own journey. I’ve found immense fulfillment helping new runners discover the joys of running as well as aiding injured runners find a fresh perspective and continue their running adventures. I’ve enjoyed meeting runners across both Canada and the U.S. with workshops in cities and town spanning from coast to coast. I’ve had the pleasure of helping runners all over the world with Online Coaching and followed their progress with updates and stories. NRC has been an enriching experience for me and am grateful to all the runners I have met along the way.

Please contact me at tina [at] for details.

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