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As a running enthusiast and coach, I see a lot of images about pain and running. Here are a few I found online in a 30-second search:
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Winter is a runner’s reality with its slippery surfaces and colder temperatures. Rather than lament the chilly time of year and long for spring to arrive, I choose to embrace the snowy and icy terrain and use it to work on improving my running form. There are so many aspects of good running form that winter can help us with; I’ll expand on a few of them here.

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Barefoot and minimalist shoe running is gaining increasing attention from the media and runners alike but is it as simple as ditching your shoes completely or switching to a minimalist shoe with no cushioning? Is barefoot/minimalist running the cure all for runner’s injuries? Is buying a pair of minimalist shoes going to make you a better runner? The short answer to those questions is definitely “No”.
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Here is a list of definitions for terms that are often used on the Natural Running Coaching website. If there’s a term you would like added to the list, feel free to leave a comment below and we can add it to the list. Read More

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